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Aboriginal education

Acknowledgement of Country

Peakhurst Public School acknowledges the people of the Tharawal Nation, who are the traditional custodians of the land on which the school is built. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders past, present and future of the Tharawal Nation and extend that respect to all Aboriginal people involved with Peakhurst Public School.

Aboriginal Education at Peakhurst Public School

Peakhurst Public School is committed to improving the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students so they may excel in all aspects of their education.  Our school is also committed to improving education about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures and experiences as the First Peoples of Australia.


At Peakhurst, the strength, diversity, ownership and richness of Aboriginal cultures and Custodianship of Country are respected, valued and promoted. Our commitments to Aboriginal education affirms the inherent right of Aboriginal students to fair, equitable, culturally inclusive and significant educational opportunities so that all students obtain a high quality education as a platform for enriching their life chances and achieving their full potential. At Peakhurst Public School Aboriginal education is core business for all staff. 

Here at Peakhurst Public School we believe that Aboriginal education involves continuous, lifelong learning. It includes: the delivery of quality education to Aboriginal students in schools; and developing high quality learning opportunities about Aboriginal Australia for all students.

Peakhurst Public School, along with the NSW Department of Education, values the skills, experiences and knowledge of Aboriginal people and strive to increase the participation and retention of Aboriginal students in schools; provides supportive and culturally inclusive learning environments for Aboriginal students; incorporates the cultural contexts, values and practices of local Aboriginal communities into the mainstream delivery of education; encourages Aboriginal students to pursue personal excellence, including a commitment to learning; and provides all students with opportunities to develop deeper understandings of Aboriginal histories, cultures and languages through Aboriginal cross-curriculum content in class programs and cultural events and celebrations.